Experience Category: Non-Profits

Evaluation of Charitable Contributions of Highly-Appreciated Tokens

Evaluation of contribution of highly-appreciated cryptocurrency tokens to 501(c)(3).  Obtaining a qualified appraisal for nontraditional asset class (ICO), analysis of tacked holding period for purposes of long term/short term character of contributed assets obtained through convoluted chain of asset ownership.

Merger of New York State Non-Profit Corporation

Merger of New York State Non-Profit Corporation into out-of-state unaffiliated non-profit.  Preparation and submission of petition for approval of merger to NY Attorney General’s Office, Charities Division, as well as petition for approval of dissolution.  Negotiating and drafting merger agreements and ancillary documents relating to transfer of substantially all assets and personnel movement to new charity.

Advice for local chamber of commerce

Formation advice for local chamber of commerce re: tax-exempt status and formation entity, along with restrictions and tax implications of lobbying activity and referral services.